Dreamcast Design


DreamCast products are manufactured using the latest technology of glass fiber reinforced concrete for durability and longevity.  The alkali glass matrix in the concrete makes it possible to create thin wall castings that are high performance in all climates and resist structural cracking.

Our integral colors are blended into our proprietary mix, so the color is throughout the product ensuring  color stability. 
All our products are handmade with pride,  and we know you’ll enjoy your fire for years to come. 

DreamCast is a family-run business and we understand that it's the little things that make a difference. As we have grown shipping our quality products throughout North America we are still always available to provide product support, and believe in taking care of our customers.  

Keeping to our roots DreamCast is a team of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada artisans that create fine concrete products for indoor and outdoor by hand.  We combine age-old European tradition and craftsmanship with the technological innovations of today to bring you a modern product that supports local artisan work. 

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