Three Birds

From Inception to your Porch

Three Birds Casual was founded in 1999. It is family-owned, started by current CEO Victor Lewis and current president Tad Varga. These brothers-in-law ensured that their brand would be known for its unique aesthetic, superb quality, and excellent durability. Outdoor options under this brand include a variety of teak wood-based furniture: A wood that is world-renowned for its exceptional resistance to the elements.

It all started with a trip to Asia. Tad and Kim Varga, along with Kim's brother Victor Lewis were in awe of the beautiful and functional furniture they had seen abroad. After being unsuccessful in finding a comparable product in the United States of America, they launched a company specializing on importing what the local market lacked.

Products from Three Birds are each an exceptional choice. They provide options for customers to develop their own diverse outdoor living spaces that they will love for years to come.